Marklin's Pomeranians

Adult Males

Marklin's Halo of Elelis Victoria

Marklin's Halo of Elelis Victoria (Halo) is AKC registered. He is out of Marilyn Murphy's kennels in Paw Paw, Michigan. He was born 01/07/20 and will be fathering some of our future white litters. He is an oh so sweet little guy with the Teddy Bear Face and short stubby ears. He should produce some beautiful white babies. He is out of Russian and Taiwanese white lines.

Adoring Poms Marklin's Frosty Freezer
Adoring Pom's Marklin's Frosty Freezer is a gorgeous solid Ice White boy. He is out of Lisa Stupi Kennels in New Jersey and was born on 12-01-2017. He is a tiny boy and will throw some beautiful solid ice white puppies and will be the basis for our new white line. He has a wonderful, sweet disposition and a loving personality.