We have partnered with Trupanion Pet Insurance to ensure that your puppy has the greatest possible start in life and that you will be more willing to make sure it has ALL of it's vet visits and shots. The first 30 days is free. You will be given brochures when you pick up your puppy.

Puppies for Sale

Brandy (Mom)

Marklin's & Holliday's Pomeranians

Cocoa (Dad)

Brandy's True Chocolate little Girl is still available.

Brandy had her babies 08/16/23. She had 3 girls.

One Orange Sable with white markings, One Chocolate and One Black with white markings. The Black one and the Orange Sable are taken.

I am creating a webpage with pictures of some of my puppies as adults.

If you would like to have your baby included, 

please email me a picture of your baby as an adult. Email to mmarklin@comcast.net

We reserve the right to screen prospective families, as well as refuse sale to families/persons we deem unfit.
We will not sell to any family with children under the age of 10 because small children do not know how to hold a squirming, full of life puppy and if they get accidently scratched, they tend to drop the puppy thereby injuring it. We have found this out , sadly by experience.

WE NOW ACCEPT ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS with a 4%  added charge. If you wish to pay the balance for your puppy with a credit card, you must give me your card information a week before the day you plan to pick it up. If you change your mind and want a refund, any credit card fees are non-refundable.

All puppies are health certified by the vet before leaving.

You will receive a health certificate when you pick up your puppy.

Prices are:

All puppies are $3,000 regardless of color, sex or size.

All puppies will require a $500 deposit to hold one. Your deposit will be retained for 6 months. If a puppy has not been produced to your specifications in that time frame, it will automatically be returned to you.

All puppies will remain 'FOR SALE' until a deposit has been received for it.

We do not require masks. If you want to wear one that is fine but I will NOT wear one unless requested.

Please do not give your puppy/dog dental chews or anything they cannot crunch up and eat. I have had too many horror stories of puppies/dogs that have choked and died from dental chews.

I have good reviews on this alternative to the dental chews.